What is the purpose of this website?

There is so much information and misinformation out there; and we certainly don’t need more information and just another person’s opinion. May God help us!! So, what is the purpose of this website? I wanted a platform to be able to share various writings, web sites, videos, audio messages and other things that I feel are important for us to know and to understand; especially in the times we live in. I anticipate that I will post lots of content and viewpoints of others, and I pray that it does not create more confusion. But may God help us sort through all the information presented to clearly see His thoughts and His direction for us and for our families. It’s more critical than ever.

I believe that as I step out and begin to post various writings and links, that it will begin to define more clearly the intent of the Lord behind this website. In many cases I will be posting YouTube videos and other links to other websites that I believe are important for us to view. HOWEVER, it is important for you to understand that even though I share these links, I am not necessarily 100% endorsing this material or message. In some cases, I will be posting links to messages that are promoting people and ideas that may be 100% opposite and antithetical to what I believe. But the purpose is to make you the reader aware of what’s out there and what is being promoted as truth – to expose the plan of the enemy. It is an all-out battle going on for the heart and minds of people; and even Christians are being deceived and falling prey to the deceptions of Satan (Mat. 24:24). It is critical that you discern any of the content being presented here, even of my own writings. I am not perfect and want to be open to change. We all need each other along with the discernment of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to know clearly what we as the people of God ought to do in the days to come.

As I launch this site, we are in the midst of both the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic as well as major rioting throughout the United States in reaction to the death of George Floyd. In my lifetime I have never witnessed so much trouble and instability in the world. I’m not sure what all will develop and how we need to respond to it, but I believe it’s important for us to discern the times and to know and to hear the spirit of the Lord for direction. I appreciate the peace and safety that I have enjoyed all my life here in the United States, but things are changing and as the world says there’s a “new normal” that we are transitioning into, and things will never be the same again as we’ve known them. It is perilous times and it is unprecedented times. We need clear discernment and understanding. We do not need conspiracy theories, speculations, fear and panic, or opinions. We need the clear word of the Lord. We need the mind of Christ. There is no question that these are perilous times and the demonic spirits are being released throughout the world to bring trouble and destruction especially to those that would interfere with the plan of Satan in these last days. But, praise God, at this same time there is coming forth the plan of God and the glory of God in the maturing of a remnant who love God that he will use in a mighty way in these last days.

As I launch this website, I really don’t completely know where it will go or what will be posted. I see through a glass darkly, and sense in my spirit the need; and am trusting God for wisdom and discernment in what I will post here. I don’t feel that this will be just my own efforts, but I believe that it’s a platform for others to contribute their thoughts and content that is supportive and important. So, I am open for you to LEAVE A COMMENT and submissions. Use the CONTACT button at the top to communicate directly to me or to submit something you feel would be beneficial to post on this website.

Please join me in this pursuit.


The writings and thoughts submitted here are primarily my own (Gary Sonmore), and are not necessarily those of anyone else, or group, or other ministry. I wanted to have a place to share what I feel is important, and what God is showing me. My desire here is to have a platform and forum to submit these writings, and I am open to hear confirmation, added thoughts, suggestions, and constructive criticism. I welcome your COMMENTS.

Thank you and may God give us His wisdom and guidance.


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