One of the major players in the devil’s end-time scheme is the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF). This is a group started in 1971 by German globalists, Klaus Schwab. In the last few years, he has indicated he has been on a mission to bring about what he calls THE GREAT RESET. He has even recently written a book by this title. His agenda states that world governments have failed and that a new socialistic world order must be established for the survival and well-being of humanity. It is no coincidence that the COVID-19 “Pandemic” crisis has come about at a very opportune time for those that support his agenda to move forward in instituting this GREAT RESET. He is a socialist with ambitious ideas to save the world.

Much of the attacks against President Trump and Conservatives in the U.S. these past years have been from those connected with the WEF. Some of these wealthy supporters have pronounced that Trump and Capitalism in general are the greatest threat to the advancement of humanity (i.e. their humanistic agenda). Because the U.S. has stood for liberty, freedom, and independence, this is diametrically opposite of their globalist agenda to achieve totalitarian control. The moral Christian policies are also not inline with their amoral agenda. They will take any steps necessary to impose their plans on the U.S. and the world. They are convinced it is for the good and the survival of humanity. The end justifies the means.

November 2020 TIME MAGAZINE featured Klaus Schwab and the GREAT RESET

Some of the major supporters of the World Economic Forum are: Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, Prince Charles, and a host of billionaires, celebrities, and world leaders. The WEF has gained great support and many believe they can’t be stopped. It’s promoting a ONE WORLD, SOCIALISTIC viewpoint on politics, economies, the environment, and society as a whole. Even religious leaders are buying in.


Before I move on to the next issue, I want to share with you an incredible story and an exciting confirmation that came to me this past week.

Last Tuesday as I was doing some further research and searching online about THE GREAT RESET, I ran across a YOUTUBE video of a man talking about this subject. I didn’t know if he was a Christian, where he was from, or anything about him.

After listening to his video message, I realized he had done extensive research and had some incredible insight on THE GREAT RESET and its inter-connection with the COVID “Pandemic,” the world economic crisis, the Black Lives Matter movement, the political turmoil in the U.S., the unrelenting attacks against President Trump, and even what’s going on with the election results. I also soon realized that he was a Spirit-filled Christian, and was discerning the same things that I was discerning. It came as such a wonderful confirmation. After I watched his first video, he mentioned that he would continue his video series in “Part 2” and in “Part 3.” I watched his Part 2 and was amazed. But when I searched for his Part 3 video, I could not find it. So, I searched for an email address to write to him, and found out he was a Pastor of a church in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. I asked if “Part 3” was available. His wife responded the next day and provided the YouTube link to “Part 3.”

As I listened to it I was absolutely blown away by his ministry, his knowledge, and his discernment on this subject matter. Again I wrote to his wife to just express my thanks to him, and to let them know how blessed and amazed I was with his series. At the close of that email, I just mentioned that my wife and I had visited Banbridge about 20 years ago with a ministry team.

The next day I received an email back from him directly that said that it was in fact in 1995 when my wife and I were there, and he was in the meetings, and remembers meeting me. He said we talked about having more communication in the future. He said I gave him my business card, and that he probably still had it on his shelf. Wow, 25 years later. I believe it was a divine appointment… then and now.

I want to share with you his first three videos. As of today he has not finished Part 4, but said he would send the link as soon as he completes it. I will make that available in a future post. I pray you are blessed by his presentation.

It was only about a month ago that I started finding out about the WEF, Davos, Schwab, and the GREAT RESET. I now realize that there is a ton of information on the Internet about it, both PRO and CON. Both secular and from a Christian end-time perspective. I encourage you to research it further.

Here is another good webpage on the subject:

Covid-19 Is a Hoax“The Great Reset” Is the Real Pandemic

In the next blog post I will begin to unmask another key part of Satan’s end-time plan and strategy, which connects The Great Reset with the COVID “Pandemic,” global digital ID’s, and the agenda behind the soon coming vaccinations.



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