In my prior blog post, you saw the new modern capitalistic China that is advancing exponentially in many ways. But let us look at the dark underbelly of this nation.

There are many dark sides of China for those considered dissidents of the State. Although it has embraced capitalism from an economic standpoint, has allowed for private ownership of property, and opened up some freedoms and liberties, it is still a centrally controlled totalitarian regime in total control. They have implemented total population control through laws, surveillance, and rigid control. As long as you stay within the States boundaries, you can have a reasonable level of prosperity. But if you fall outside their social requirements the hammer and sickle is quickly and ruthlessly imposed.

One of these dark places is in the area of religious persecution. This is a very serious matter friends. This persecution is not just against Christians, but against most religious sects.

In the last thirty years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has allowed some religious freedoms, but under tight control and monitoring of the CCP. Churches must be registered. Unregistered meetings are illegal, and people attending such meetings are subject to arrest.

Many think that atheism and communism go hand-in-hand. Karl Marx, the father of modern communism was against all religions as “the opium of the people.” He stated “that man is the highest being for man.” So atheism became the dominant philosophy under old communism. This is not quite the case in China today.

The Chinese Communist Party is not only the government, but it is also the national religion as well. Make no mistake, their leaders are worshiped, and their former leaders are deities. Xi Jinping is their SUPREME LEADER. So, those that hold to other religious beliefs and don’t worship the State and its leaders, those that don’t fall in line with what benefits the State, those that appear to threaten the State – these people are warned and disciplined. If they still appear to not fall in line with the CCP’s policies, they quickly and quietly disappear; and are taken to “reeducation camps.” Once they are put into these camps, they can be subject to torture and atrocities comparative to the German Holocaust of WWII. (see videos below). These are the worst violations against humanity going on today. Yet they are carefully hidden by the CCP from the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, we in the free world are isolated and mostly unaware of these human atrocities. But may we be aware, and intercede for our brothers and sisters. Let us recognize and pray earnestly for those that are truly suffering for their faith. May we intercede for God’s mercy and their deliverance.

As this BEAST System spreads throughout the world, and socialism gains ground here in this country, we must be aware that this persecution is coming our way. We are already beginning to see it here in America, as churches are banned from meeting due to COVID-19. This is a part of Satan’s end-time agenda, and we must prepare ourselves for an increase in these attacks.

Bowing To The Great Red Dragon

Perry Stone – Dec. 9, 2020

DISCLAIMER: I’m sharing with you this excerpt video of Perry Stone he gave on December 9th. Most of you probably know of Perry Stone. He is a major end-time prophetic preacher/teacher. He has many good insights on end-time events. However, he is a typical Dispensationalist that believes in the rapture; and resigns most of the apocalyptic prophecies to natural Israel. He also references a seven-year tribulation. These are doctrines most of us would not agree with. But his information about China, and his prophetic interpretation of China as the Great Red Dragon, is in line with what I am presenting in this article. Again, this website is Rated “M” – for spiritually discerning, mature audiences only.

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