I just received this Part 4 in the series THE GREAT RESET from Keith Malcomson. He recorded it on December 21st.

Again, I’m so amazed by the research, the information he provides, and his discernment. Praise God!! It is such a confirmation of what I believe the Lord has shown me, and that I’ve tried to present in this series. I’m sure he has not viewed this website, but as an example of some of the confirmations, he mentions the “convergence of technologies will drive the emerging world system and THE GREAT RESET.” He does an excellent job of outlining and connecting the dots on this complex subject matter, and exposing this Satanic globalist agenda. Fasten your seat belt!

THE GREAT RESET PT. 4 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution (45 min.)

Please keep brother Keith and his family in your prayers, for God’s divine covering. I’m sure that attack is on, and Satan is not happy with these messages that are exposing the lies and deceptions of Satan’s end-time agenda.

I provided Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Keith’s series in my November 28, 2020 post, but here they are again.


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