Prepare for “Soft Persecution”

Here is an important short interview with Rod Dreher on CNB. He believes there is coming Christian persecution; and confirms many of the same concerns I have outlined in this recent series “Satan’s End-time Agenda Unmasked.”

Persecution is coming to the true Church. It will first be “soft” in the form of mocking, restrictions, and canceling. But eventually it will grow into outright banning, isolation, and even imprisonment for those that pose any threat to their policies, do not support their “narrative,” or are in opposition to their new social order.

When I posted many of these articles in November and December, we weren’t sure whether Joe Biden would become the next President. Now that’s confirmed. With the Democratic taking over the White House, gaining power in the Senate and control of the House of Representatives, there is little stopping them from moving full speed ahead with implementing their Socialistic Agenda. Now Big News Media and Big Tech have joined Big Government to force the support of this new socialistic direction, and to “cancel out” any opposition.

Soft Totalitarianism is here!!  –

Prepare for soft persecution.

  • Censorship
  • Electronic Surveillance & Information tracking
  • Social Credit Score
  • Social Media censorship
  • Terrorism redefined (Anything said that does not agree with the socialistic narrative is considered hate speech)
  • The Marginalization of “Deplorable”
  • Force Vaccinations, Digital ID (nanotechnology), mRNA/Genetic Modification (CRISPR),
  • Mandated Government Shutdowns or Limitations (churches, public meetings, etc.)
  • Financial control through a cashless Digital Economy and Cryptocurrency
  • Implemenation of The Great Reset – Globalism and the New World Order

See also my October 12th post, I featured Rod Dreher and a video interview with him featuring his new book “Live Not by Lies.” See more… Rod Dreher warns Christians to prepare for persecution and suffering for their faith. – Discerning the Times (

See SATAN’S END-TIME AGENDA UNMASKED – Religious Persecution in the NEW CHINA – Discerning the Times ( If you think it can’t happen in America… think again.


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