Disclaimer – Rated M

On this site I will post many YouTube videos and links to other websites with content of other people and organizations. I want to make it clear that in most cases I am not endorsing the individual or organization, but feel that some or all of what they are presenting is important for you to hear and to understand. The theme of this website is discernment of the times; so it is critical that even with these links to outside material, that you discern what is being presented. You need to chew the meat and spit out the bones, so to speak. This site is rated “M” for spiritually mature audiences only.

Also, please be aware that the writings and thought submitted here are primarily my own personally (Gary Sonmore); and are not necessarily those of any one else, or group, or other ministry. I wanted to have a place to express what I feel God was showing me and leading me in that are important to share with others. I don’t need to express the enormity of the times we live in, and the need for clear understanding. I desire here is to have a platform to submit these writings, and to even open a dialogue with you and others on the subject matter. I want to hear your thoughts, comments, additions and adjustments. I am not interested in opinions, but only what you DISCERN as the Spirit of the Lord. I welcome your response.

So in that regard – many of the items presented here will come from you and others that send me their thoughts and links to other material and websites that they feel are important and support various thing I present; and should be share with others. I welcome your input.